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Specialty Coatings

GMW Restoration Services offers the professional application of a wide assortment of specialty coatings to suit almost any need. Learn more through the various sections below and contact us to discuss your particular project.

Epoxy Floor Coatings

Revitalize your floors whether they are commercial, industrial or in your home.  Epoxy seals and spill-proofs your floor as well as making them a beautiful statement over a scuffed and tired eye-sore.

Roof Waterproofing and Insulating Coatings

Our specific roof coating system offers unsurpassed roof-top water and weather proofing protection.  Add energy efficiency and save money on heating and cooling too with Polyurethane Spray Foam roofing system. Reduce energy bills and noise while increasing roof integrity, strength and longevity.

Polyurea Coatings

Waterproof and seal anything with a specialized Polyurea coating applied by GMW Restoration Services from big projects like tank farms and pipelines through to small containment areas, plant and rail applications and even your roof.

Anti-graffiti Protective Coatings

Tired of the disheartened feeling and back-breaking work removing graffiti and tagging over and over again?  What if you could treat your walls, containers, rail cars, tunnels and bridge abutments cost-effectively with a proven anti-graffiti coating?  Hides previous offenses as well as water and wear damage while creating a washable surface the matches and blends with your existing structural surroundings.

Industrial Tank Coating and Linings

GMW Restoration Services can clean, protect and restore your tank farm investment.  Our tank coatings seal and protect steel tanks from corrosion, chemical wear and weather and site related elements.  We offer coatings on the inside as well that are formulated to be resistant to today’s various chemicals and industrial liquids and are ideal for initial and restorative work.

Pipe and Pipeline Sealing and Coating

Protect your pipes, the arterial delivery network of your business,  whether they run between tanks, through a mine or across the country-side.  GMW Restoration Services is the choice for professional application of sealants and anti-corrosion coatings, including Polyurea, to reduce maintenance and improve reliability and longevity of industrial insulated and non-insulated pipelines, sewer and water supply pipes.

High Voltage Insulator Coatings (HVIC)

Extend life expectancy and reliability of municipal and regional hydro electric distribution systems by coating to reduce insulator contamination leading to arcing, leakage and flash-over.  GMW Restoration Services offers global solutions for HVIC applications and has been protecting insulators for over 20 years from salt spray on Canada’s east coast to the desert sands of Dubai.