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Roof Coatings

Since about 1850, built-up roofs (BUR) using hot tar, felt and gravel have been the only solution for low-slope and flat roofs.  New technologies in cold roof applications have evolved rapidly since the 1990’s and now number in the dozens and continue to grow in popularity and technological advances.

GMW Restoration Services is proud to be an approved applicator for various cold applied roof coating systems. These innovative products work well new construction such as metal sheet roofing and composites – however they can also seal and extend the life of existing BURs.

Cold-applied roofing systems are no to low heat applications and are mostly based on resin with reinforcing fillers along the lines of fiber glass.  Modern roof coatings also are tinted to use light-reflecting pigments to keep the roof system cooler, unlike the heat-absorbing properties of black tar and asphalt, as well as to neutralize the negative and damaging effects of UV radiation.

There are many different formulations available suited for each unique roofing project which affects the viscosity, fibre content and application carrier and technique.  Some of the more common solutions include: