Our Recent Projects

Here is a catalogue of all our various projects across all categories. Simply select the title to look at the project you are interested in to learn more and see photos.

High Rise Painting

» Repainting of a Toronto-area high-rise building. This project involved the extensive use of swing-stages to complete the work.

Guelph Water Tower Painting

» Refurbish an industrial water tower in Guelph, Ontario by first hand cleaning and then airless spray painting.

Ayr Pool Refinishing

» Bring life back to this large concrete pool with repair and epoxy coating.

Kitchener House Sandblasting

» Remove decades of old peeling paint from a brick home undergoing restoration in Kitchener, Ontario using sand blasting.

Newfoundland High Voltage Insulator Coating

» Coating high voltage insulators in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada to guard against flashover and arcing.

Factory Wall Graffiti Removal

» Paint-over initial graffiti and tagging attack in Guelph, Ontario with anti-graffiti tinted coating.

Oakville Park Cleanup

» Hot water high pressure cleaning followed by anti-graffiti coating in Oakville, Ontario.

Factory Floor Revitalization

» Bringing a tired plant floor back to life with a fresh epoxy coating.