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Polyurea Coatings

Polyurea is an amazing product with many cross-over applications into other coating projects.  Alone it can not solve your  protective coatings or joint filling needs, however when combined with other coating technologies such as sprayed polyurethane foam or application specific primers it becomes an unparalleled advanced coating system with incredible benefits.

  • Fast curing allowing foot traffic a mere minute after application
  • No VOCs with low odor and excellent surface adhesions
  • Resits weather, punctures, abrasion, acids, caustic materials, solvents and ultraviolet light (sun damage)
  • Great looking finish coat which can be tinted in many custom colours
  • Remains flexible and cures in almost any humidity from -25ºF to 300ºF
  • Can be made to meet Potable water approvals
  • Available in a wide range of grades including spray-ready, hand mixable and caulk grade

GMW Restoration Services is a Qualified Polyurea Applicator of various polyurea protective coatings, liners and sealants and services a wide variety of industrial, commercial and maintenance environments.

  • Pipe and Pipeline Coatings and Linings – Better than paint for corrosion control and perfect top-coating for Polyurethane Foam insulated pipes
  • Bridge Coating – Seals steel and concrete bridge decks better than paint inhibiting weather and salt-related corrosion
  • Joint Filling and Caulking – Perfect flexible sealant with traffic resistance for building and expansion control joints in all types of building applications
  • Tank Coatings – Preserve new tanks from corrosion and chemicals or extend the life of existing tanks by sealing out weather and environmental elements
  • Tank Linings – Formulated to specific applications, Polyurea can resist many industrial chemical liquids for an ideal tank lining with minimal down-time
  • Marine – Protects steel, aluminum and fiberglass above and below the waterline on both commercial vessels and pleasure craft as well
  • Roof Coating – Perfect top coat to Polyurethane Spray Foam roofing systems offering UV resistance and heat-reflective tinting for ENERGY STAR® compliance
  • Waste Water Retention – Linings of both primary and secondary stage waste water treatment and collection ponds
  • Sewer Systems –  Seals pipes and manhole egress against ground water infiltration with fast application and set-up time to minimize down-time
  • Truck Bed Liners – Durable protective coatings for the beds of pick-up trucks, dump trucks, utility trucks and containers from corrosion and abrasive damage
  • Amusement and Water Parks – As a coating over spray foam themed building facades, decorations, chutes, characters, pools and artificial rocks
  • Flooring and Parking Decks – Excellent in these high traffic areas for anti-slip and anti-corrosion protection while flexible nature protects against
  • Aquarium Linings – Create themed ornaments and custom shaped side walls for the most incredible aquatic displays
  • Landscape Water Features – Used with geotextile fabric, polyurea makes an excellent primary containment for ponds and water features
  • Architecture – A protective coating over foam for custom shapes including building facades through to movie and stage sets
  • Automotive – Quickly replacing fiberglass in OEM molding of parts including car and truck fascia componets and after-market spoilers
  • Pavement Marking – Polyurea’s fast set time and high-traffic durability make it an excellent candidate for road and parking lot marking open to use in minutes
  • Railways – Ideal for tanker and hopper car lining to seal for liquids and resist abrasion damage from loads like coal and gravel as well as track containment areas
  • Fuel Storage – Perfect for fuel pits and pipeline secondary containment being resistant to most fuels and chemicals

We can provide you with a complete end-to-end solution from proper surface preparation through to the finished surface application and ongoing support. Contact us for more information or to discuss your project further.