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Industrial Tanks & Linings

From new tank farms to older single storage tanks, GMW Restoration Services can help you get the most longevity while mitigating risk factors of storing today’s modern industrial fluids and chemicals.

Tank Coating

Help preserve the outward appearance of your tanks while inhibiting and protecting against problem-causing corrosion and shortened lifespans.  Our various coatings including Polyurea and anti-graffiti will keep weather and environmental impacts to a minimum and saving headaches and expensive maintenance to maintain environmental and community standards.

Tank Linings

While the outside looks great our tank lining coatings safe-guard your primary containment system from the inside. Formulated to be resistant to most modern chemicals and liquids, GMW Restoration Services’ tank lining coatings using Polyurea technology dry rapidly and have excellent adhesion to most substrates making an ideal coating for waterproofing and immersion lining applications.

Secondary Containment

The same technology that creates your primary containment  can also be combined with mat lining systems, concrete, wood and steel to create new, (and reinforce existing), secondary containment structures. Polyurea boasts high tensile strength, impact resistance and elongation properties combined with low permeability making for the perfect liner, especially where a tough, reliable custom shape is needed.

Contact GMW Restoration Services for professional tank protection inside and out and reliable secondary containment solutions.