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Anti-Graffiti Coatings

Growing tired of the labour and cost associated with removing graffiti and tagging from your buildings, walls, rail cars and other property?  GMW Restoration Services has the answer with a selection of anti-graffiti coatings that will allow you to easily blast away graffiti with as little as a cold-water pressure washer. There are different coatings available depending on the project at hand.

Sacrificial Coatings – These are like a protective mask that dries clear and should the protected surface be vandalized, the protective coating and the graffiti are washed away with a standard cold-water pressure washer. To continue protection, the anti-graffiti coating needs to be reapplied after every attack.

Semi-sacrificial Coatings – Are a bit tougher and will often last for two attacks having then to be reapplied.  An anti-graffiti solvent and a high-pressure washer are required to clean your protected surfaces.

Permanent Coatings – For the ultimate protection, this type of anti-graffiti coating simply prevents paints and markers from bonding to the coating itself.  Following an attack a simple solvent such as the benzene derivative, toluene and basic elbow grease will remove the offending ‘artwork’ leaving the coating and the protected surfaces unmarred.

Permanent anti-graffiti coatings are available in both a clear-coat fashion as well as incorporated into the paint itself.  Anti-graffiti paint can be used following an initial attack of an untreated surface to both hide the graffiti as well as to then repel new attacks.  This is frequently scene along Ontario’s highways where bridge abutments and retaining walls that have been marked and tagged get a fresh coat of concrete-gray paint which also contains a permanent anti-graffiti coating.

Been vandalized?  Make it your last time and contact GMW Restoration Services for a solution that will work for your particular circumstances.